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Parenting coordination provides a child-focused alternative dispute resolution process. A Parenting Coordinator assists the parents in creating or implementing a parenting plan by facilitating the resolution of disputes between the parents and by providing education, making recommendations, thus helping the…
“Studies in the United States have shown that 40% or more of divorced people regrets their divorce,” writes Doherty in Take Back your Marriage. “The great majority of divorced people believe that one or the other of them could have…
What is Divorce Mediation? Mediation is a problem solving process where an impartial third party assists you in reaching an agreement that would be the fairest to both of you. Mediation works successfully for many divorcing families. Mediator does not…

Altea Consulting & Mediation

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​Altea Consulting & Mediation serves English Speakers as well as Spanish Speakers. We are one of the few Mediation services that conducts mediation completely in Spanish. We specialize in Custody and Parenting time Mediation. We help you to bring about solutions and an agreement between you and the co-parent of your children regarding the custody of the children, the visitation schedule and any other arrangements you may need to make. Mediation allows you and the co-parent to make decisions, together, about the type of plan that will work for your family. Give us a call to find out if mediation is right for your family.

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Altea Consulting & Mediation, Te ayudamos a tomar decisiones.

Altea Consulting & Mediation sirve a hablantes de inglés así como a hablantes de español. Somos uno de los únicos servicios de mediación que realiza la mediación completamente en español. Nos especializamos en mediación de custodia y crianza. Le ayudamos a encontrar soluciones y un acuerdo entre usted y el padre/madre de sus hijos, con respecto a la custodia de los niños, el calendario de visitas y cualquier otro arreglo que deba hacer. La mediación le permite a usted y al padre/la madre tomar decisiones, juntos, sobre el tipo de plan que funcionará para su familia. Llámenos para averiguar si la mediación es adecuada para su familia.

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Altea Consulting & Mediation, Te ayudamos a tomar decisiones.